INTO THE WOODS: Scenic Painting

Photo credited by Aaron Sutten

Into the Woods, Dir. Kikau Alvaro, Virginia Commonwealth University 2018

Cil Franklin helped create pounce stencils for the tile pattern and used powdered chalk to transfer the design onto the floor. Sprayers and natural sponges were used to age it. For the aged wooden planks, they rubbed a brown wash on the raw wood to retain the existing wood grains. A black and white spatter drag were used to add more detail.

Cil created the stone texture by adding sawdust and white glue to the paint. On the gray base, they spattered a combination of blue, dark gray, blue, and black. 

The stained glass paint was made with water and white glue to make it translucent when the light passes through it. Each different colored glass was numbered according to the different paint bottles. The lead frame was also made with white glue so it would adhere to the plexiglass.