A TIME TO KILL: Scenic Painting

A Time to Kill, directed by David Leong, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2017

Photos credited by Matthew Nicholson

A Time to Kill was entirely created by the wood grain technique. The setting is a courtroom so all of the flooring and furniture and made of wood. Priscilla helped paint tight, thin wood grains and layout the wood knots. Darker grains were laid on top of the bright yellow base. A glaze at the end helped blend all of the colors and pop out the bright undercoat.

They helped cut the individual floorboards on the table saw. Three different shades of brown were used to have a variety of floorboards. A yellow wash and brown glaze both darkened and sealed the flooring.

Two people first painted a brown wash over the yellow based floor to layout the floorboards on the wagon. Then they used a Sharpie to draw the lines. Darker grains were then added to enhance the floor. Like the furniture, these walls had the same thin wood grains and dark brown glaze